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Venting Belly from excess bloating

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Do you suffer from excess bloating after tube feeding?

Well your not the only one. There are many people being tube fed that suffers from excess gas and bloating. There are many causes to why one would experience these symptoms. Most of the time it's caused by the formula your taking or caused by internal problems. I got my feeding tube back in April of 2019 and mostly used it for my medications until I got my tracheostomy back in January of 2021 and I noticed that I swallow a significant amount of air causing my bloating. I had my feeding tube changed to a low profile Mic-Key button and personally bought an 24" extension online. Here is the website.

Ever since I've had extreme gas and bloating and have tried just about everything. Here are a list of things to try to help relieve the bloating.

1st. Try taking Gas-x which should help.

2nd. Try changing formula as certain brands will cause bloating.

3rd. Try changing speed on feeding pump.

4th. Try doing a gravity feed either with bag or using a syringe.

5th. Try releasing air through feeding tube periodically.

6th. Talk with doctor about a GJ tube as one tube is used for feeding and the other is used to release gas

7th. If you have a Mic-Key button you can purchase a 24" feeding extension and attach a open syringe to it. Make sure syringe is above your stomach so it can vent properly. There are attachments that you can purchase to hold syringe.

When I'm laying in bed, I use an attachment called FreeArm which connects to bed frame or bedside table. Picture below and here is the link to there website.

When I'm up in my wheelchair I run my extension to back of headrest. There are a couple ways to secure the syringe. First you can use Velcro and wrap it around frame of headrest. Second, you can buy a rubber holder that will zip tie to frame of headrest. I provided a picture below and I purchased on amazon. Here's the link.

Hope this helps and these are things I've tried so carefully decide.

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